Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a crazy week!!!

Well, this week has been nonstop sickness and craziness!!! I only got one glorious day of exercise (which I LOVED) but luckily I was good with my eating so there was still a decent loss!! I have to many of you have ever tried step aerobics?? I always thought it was something ridiculous and told myself I'd never be caught dead doing it. Then my elliptical died and I had to choose something from our DVR to exercise to (I'm not ready to pull out the exercise DVDs just yet) and I picked a step aerobics class from BYU TV that I recorded and I have to say...I LOVED IT!!! I didn't have a step board, but they had a pair of women in the class doing all the steps without a board, so I had someone to follow!! I loved doing it and will definitely be on the look out for a step to put in the garage!! I have saved that program on the DVR and plan to use it many, many times!!

Unfortunately, due to all the sickies around here this week that was the only program I got to try for exercise this week. Since everyone is well now I am hoping to get back to at least 30 minutes a day this you think I can do it?? I will try my best!! I have really felt proud about my eating these past 3 weeks...I've had a continuous loss of at least 1 pound per week (more on the weeks I exercise) and it's all because of the changes I've made. The best part?? That I don't really even feel like I'm doing anything different...I am, but I feel great and it isn't hard anymore to pass on large amounts of dessert, or to be satisfied with just one cookie instead of 5 or 6. I love how I fell, and how even after only a few pounds loss I can feel the difference in how clothes look!!

So, this week I am hoping to get lots of exercise back in...and I'm anxious to see if I have a larger loss for week 4 if I do in fact exercise more because that will prove my theory that I lose at least 1.5 - 2 pounds more when I exercise 3-4 days a week!! We'll have to see!!! Hope you all have a great week and that you're having as great of an experience with weight loss as I am...if I can do it, anyone can!!!


Catherine said...

I *LOVE* step aerobics. My knee isn't so sure about it anymore, but I think it's fun. :)

Good luck this week!

Briana said...

I like step aerobics too. I'm so glad you're noticing the changes in your body and the way you feel. Isn't it great!

Ang Campbell said...

I used to always enjoy step aerobics classes. Haven't done it in ages but I remember really having fun with it. Glad you got a good workout in and enjoyed it, too!

Lindsey Lu said...

great goals! I love step! My knee doenst always like it but I do it at least a few times a month. Great job modifying w/out a board!

Fit Kitty said...

I love step workouts too! They are fun - and you can still get a great workout without the step.

30 min a day is very doable - you can do it! And well done on your eating!