Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week in review

This week has been a good week... exercising daily until my elliptical broke and eating healthy and really enjoying how great I've felt! The elliptical breaking was a bummer, but my ever amazing husband dragged it from the garage so I now have a nice open space in the garage to use for my exercise DVDs that is even carpeted... So I am excited to see how these new arrangements work out!!

Last night we went out and celebrated our 6th anniversary with dinner and a movie, and I was honestly a little worried about packing on too many calories between snacks at the movies and dinner but I was really proud of how well I did!! I only had a little popcorn and maybe 2 handfuls of the best candy ever, Bottle Caps. I didn't even touch the bag of trail mix I had brought!! Then for dinner we decided to try a new place in the shopping center called Five Guys. Since we had snacks with the movie, hubby and I decided to split a burger... It was enough to fill us up and those burgers are delicious!!! We split a bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and I got some grills mushrooms on the side. I let my husband pick the burger since he's pickier than I am when it comes to condiments and it was a tasty choice!! We decided to forgo the fries and we were glad we did!

So, after all that I was prepared to see only a small weight loss when I checked this morning but, as you'll see on Tuesday I did better than I ever would have guessed!! So all that exercise and watching what I ate paid off... And that is better inspiration than anything else when you see it on the scale!!


Briana said...

Way to go on all of the great choices you made this past week! I'm glad it showed off on the the scale for you. We have a Five Guys in my town and it really is good, so I have to stay away lol!

Catherine said...

Wow. Sounds like you had a great week. And how nice of the scale to reward you! :)

Lindsey Lu said...

good job on the loss and RIP elliptical :( cant wait to hear about your dvd adventures. I love dvds!