Sunday, October 9, 2011


As I was getting the email ready to send with my weight loss for this past week, it really made me think about how glad I am that I applied for this Season's contest!! I did lose weight this past week (I'm not going to ruin the surprise for when they post it on Tuesday by telling you how much yet) but it wasn't as much as I would have liked to. I did not have a chance to exercise this past week AT ALL!!! Any and all weight loss rested solely on the fact that I have modified my eating habits to get healthy and be more aware of what and when I'm eating.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost some weight this past week, even with no exercise!! Things were just really crazy this past week and for those of you that have had lots of younger kids around the house at once, you'll understand! I did however make a pledge to try and work at least 30 minutes of exercise in every day - and this morning before church I told my husband he was responsible for the 2 oldest kids and I took the baby in the garage with me in her swing and started out on the elliptical. I turned on some TV and just went for it....keep in mind our elliptical is probably 10 years old and was a cheap Craig's List find a while back...but it works. I did 20 minutes on there, and then spent 10 minutes with my 5 pounds weights just doing curls and other arm exercises. It felt good and I was glad to get at least 30 minutes in of exercise!!

This week my goal is to keep up my new great eating habits and to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day (hopefully more!!). The eating actually hasn't been too bad. How are all of you doing after this first week?? Is your plan working out, or do you need to tweak a few things to make it more effective?? Please share, I would love to get some tips!!

One thing I need to work on is finding healthy snacks that are low in calories but fill me up - I hate feeling hungry!! I have lots of delicious fruit, but I eat a yummy apple and am still hungry!!! Any suggestions??

Ooooh!!! I just realized that I wasn't entirely honest when I said I hadn't exercised...I should have said that I didn't have any organized exercise opportunities this past week - but on Thursday our family headed to Disneyland and we did quite a bit of walking there...that's one thing I love about that place - all the walking!! We even packed lunches so we could eat healthy AND save the money we would have spent - everyone wins!! Here are a few pictures from our day - we had a blast!!

My wonderful husband and our 2 oldest kiddos...they LOVE the Merry-Go-Round!!
I am showing you this picture for 2 reasons - #1 - isn't our baby ADORABLE???
And #2 - I was looking at this picture and realized that I no longer have multiple chins!! I know I still have a ways to go, but this made me feel so good to see that I may not be losing the weight in the areas I want first, but at least it's disappearing from somewhere!!


Briana said...

Congrats on the loss for the week. Spending time at Disneyland DEFINTELY counts as exercise. I'm sure you walked a TON! I looked at a pic not too long ago and realized I was losing my double chin too. Isn't it exciting!

Hyla said...

Your baby is cute! And congrats and loving the picture! Isnt it inspiring to see progress?

Lindsey Lu said...

great job on the workout and the loss!!! I love to add 2 TBS of all natural nut butter to an apple for a snack- adds some protein & keeps me full. I am sure to include protein in all my meals & snacks to keep me fuller. I hate being hungry!

McGee said...

great job on your loss!! I've been using eating well website to help find some recipes and also body for life they have an eating for life recipe book that I have been using a lot of too! I love finding good recipes that are yummy and healthy!