Thursday, October 13, 2011

It feels great!!!

So, earlier this week I mentioned that my goal this week was to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day ... It's Thursday and I am proud to say that I have exercised for 45 minutes every day since then!!! I'm discovering that if you are really motivated you will find a way... I guess I just needed to reach that point where I really wanted to do it, rather than just thinking I should.

So, I here I am... With 4 days of exercise under my belt and really feeling good. I have noticed that I do feel more energized on the days I exercise... and that extra burst of energy was greatly needed this past week!! Of course, as an added bonus I weighed myself today and I am down more weight!!!

So, try to get some kind of exercise in.. You'll love the way it makes you feel!!!


Lindsey Lu said...

couldnt agree w/ you more on all accounts! My AM workout is better than coffee!!!! Great job and congrats!!!

Hyla said...

Yay! They say it takes 20 days to make something a habit so keep going!