Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anyone else have unwanted visitors this week??

These nasty little guys have decided to take up permanent residence in our home, more particularly, in my throat!! All of us have officially been nailed with whatever nasty bug is going around. Luckily, the baby and us adults didn't get the "lose your lunch" portion of the virus, but I have one of the worst sore throats I have ever had, and the baby has developed a comical but kinda sad habit of blowing snot bubbles.

While not feeling 100% is definitely conducive to eliminating calories, it makes wanting to exercise 200 times harder because the thought of getting short of breath makes my raw throat burn. It's so frustrating to finally figure out a way to lose weight after all these years and I'm stuck having to watch the weight disappear 1 pound at a time because I just can't catch a break when it comes to exercise.

On the other hand, 1 pound a week is better than no pounds per week, right?? It's that whole idea that slow and steady wins the race....or that quote someone shared about how a year from now you'll be glad you started today...

My husband is sweet enough to remind me that even 1 pound a week adds up - in 26 weeks (6 months) that is 26 pounds, which would put me within 10 pounds of my goal weight!!

So, as of right now I might be stuck watching the weight disappear at the agonizing rate of 1 pound a week, but in 10 weeks, that will be 10 pounds. And, since I've already done the rapid weight loss thing a few years back, I know that losing that much weight really fast has its physical downsides...and after 3 kids, a few C-sections and having all this extra weight, my body will take to being thinner MUCH better if I lose the weight a little bit slower so it has time to adjust.

So, anyone else out there have a house that has been overrun by germs?? At least the older kids are through the worst and at the end of being sick..Hubby and I on the other hand are both snot machines! Hopefully it doesn't last too long - I have things I need to do that require good lung function and no more coughing!!

On a totally unrelated side note...anyone on here share my guilty pleasure of reading the TMZ website?? Well, I saw an article this morning and realized that a few weeks back the Batmobile-ized Cadillac that almost hit me was none other than Justin Bieber. I will admit I am not a fan of his, but the car was too unique not to remember, and when I saw this article on TMZ I recognized the car right away. I did some quick research and discovered that the car was in fact picked up from a Auto Shop located right where he pulled out from - so it was definitely him. I told my husband that this morning and he laughed...that would have been all I needed, to get side swiped by the Biebs in my minivan.

Hopefully everyone out there is having a better week than we are around here and that you're all as excited about Halloween as we are!! This is the first year I'm not super thrilled about all the candy...I think a lot of it will find its way to other homes after trick or treating so we don't have it around the house!!


Catherine said...

Ha! I totally expected this to be about getting your period. :)

Sorry to hear your family is not feeling well. I'm part of the 1# a week club. Every once in awhile, a week will surprise me and the scale will go down 2 pounds, but those weeks are few & far between. I've read plenty that slower weight loss is actually longer lasting, so I'll take it.

1 lb a week for a year is more than 50 lbs - - not too shabby! :)

McGee said...

I'm sorry you and your family are not feeling good :( I hate that! I'm with Catherine a pound a week is more than 50 pounds in a year and that to me is amazing! I hope you all get to feeling better! whenever i have a sore throat i make up some lemon honey apple cider vinegar water up and that kickes my sore throats doesn't taste the greatest but its helps a lot! :)

Lindsey Lu said...

ugh feel better soon! I tried w/o'ing one time w/ a sore throat and quit after about 2 minutes LOL it was not happening and probably not a good idea. Take it easy & let your body heal and then hit it hard when you can!

Briana said...

I had the same thoughts as Catherine when I read the title of your blog lol! I average about 1 lb per week and in a few weeks when you look back on where you started, you'll be very pleased. I read TMZ too. If he had hit your car then I would have been reading about you on know they always have photogs around lol!

Fit Kitty said...

I celebrate every half-pound loss, soI think one pound is fantastic! Slow and steady will get you to your goal.

I don't exercise when I'm sick - take care of yourself until you feel better. Hope you and your family are feeling better soon.