Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Favorite Mini...


A while back I mentioned to Greg that I wanted to get a mini-cupcake pan - and being the amazing husband he is, he found some holiday to buy it for me.  I have looked at that thing for a while, waiting to use it....

Until yesterday.

I was going to make cupcakes, then a cake, then I decided on a mixture of both.  I made one 8-inch round cake and 1-1/2 pans of mini cupcakes.

I officially LOVE the mini cupcake and will be making them again soon.  I love that you could decorate them in tons of different colors and designs.  No matter what, they look so cute!!!

(And they were SUPER fast to decorate!!!)

So, enjoy these pictures of my own personal mini-cupcake army....

I don't think I'll post pics of the little cake I made, Karyl helped me decorate it (I could only use one of my decorating tips and the reddish-pink color - so it isn't terribly exciting) and she wanted flowers and dots all over it.  It's hard to make something look semi-professional when you have a 3-1/2 year old constantly saying "no mommy, not there.....THERE!"

At least the cupcakes are cute.  Oh, and they do taste just as yummy as they look.  I don't skimp on frosting, even for the little guys.  I used my homemade buttercream frosting and it is YUMMY!!