Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On a roll

Alrighty, I FINALLY have some good news!! Over the weekend my amazing hubby got me a new elliptical/stationary bike!! It's nothing amazing, or expensive - but it works, and that's all that matters!! I have 3 days now of exercising behind me and this week I'm going for at least 45 minutes a day, every day. I have almost half the week done so things are looking good. I have also been weighing myself every morning, first thing in the morning to get a consistent reading on where my weight is. I know, it seems silly, but when you weight yourself later in the day you weigh more, and I need the constant visual reminder that I need to lose and that I am at least not gaining weight.

How many times a week do you weigh yourself? Do you do it once a week to be surprised, or do you do it every other day, or every day to have a constant reminder??


Briana said...

Yay for new exercise equipment! I weigh once a week. BTW, I'm a bigger Baskstreet Boys fan too, but most of their songs are slower and not the best for jogging lol!

Ang Campbell said...

How fun to have new equipment!! Rock that elliptical!

I have a tendency to weigh-in daily. It helps me be accountable to myself. I'd love to get to a healthy weight and then weigh myself just once a week in maintenance mode, but I find that right now if I skip a few days of stepping on the scale it's because I know I've made lousy choices and the scale scares me LOL. So I'm currently using it as a daily tool to keep me accountable to myself. :)

Mrs. Gorbe said...

I'm totally in agreement with Ang!
ANY exercise is better than NONE!

Fit Kitty said...

Yay for you! I'd love to have one but just don't have the room.

I weigh myself every morning and then I have a WW weigh-in once a week, which is in the evening. Don't like that weight as much ;-) I'm a lifetime member at goal so at least I don't have to pay.