Sunday, November 13, 2011

The dreaded weight loss plateau

So, I thought people only hit that dreaded plateau after they've lost lots of weight and were more in a normal range, but apparently that isn't so!! I've been exercising every day and watching what I eat - and before, this would have resulted in at least a 3 pound weight loss for the week. But, not this week...the most frustrating part?? I am losing SIZE - yep, that's an easy one to see - but barely any weight!! Normally this would be great because size is all I really care about, but when you're in a WEIGHT LOSS competition it really doesn't help unless it shows up on the scale.

So, for those wondering "Gee, she has barely lost any weight" it's not from lack of trying...This last week was amazing, exercising every day for at least 45 minutes...and I LOVED it!! I was eating great and have visibly lost weight, but barely anything on the scale. The only thing I can think of is that it has to do with the fact that I'm gaining muscle from the weights and cycling, so that's tripping up the weight issue?!?!

It's just so irritating because you work so hard and then you barely get anything on the scale to make you feel like it was all worth it. I'm not going to stop exercising every day with my new equipment, and I'm still going to keep up my new healthy eating habits, but I just had to share this because when everybody sees the weigh-ins they are going to see that I have barely lost anything, and I want to at least give you a reason why! I seem to remember that this happened the first week I did Zumba too, I was burning TONS of calories but nothing showed up on the scale, but then the next week it started showing...since this is the first week I have exercised every day, and it was way more than I ever did before, I'm hoping that this is the same thing...

So, hopefully next week it will all come together and the fruits of my hard labor will be known!!

Hope you all had a great week!!


Fit Kitty said...

You'll probably see a bigger loss next week. Keep it up - you're doing a great job!

Briana said...

I say poo to anyone who has something to say about how much you've lost. I know we're in a competition, but the fact that you've gotten smaller is wonderful! I'm not posting huge numbers either, but the point of this all is that you have lost weight. You are smaller in inches and lbs than you were 6 weeks ago. Go you!

Lindsey Lu said...

first I would be irritated too :( BUT I am SURE you are gaining muscle & your muscles are retaining water- totally normal. And obviously your heart is getting worked, your body is shrinking, you are getting fitter, stronger, more healthy, etc etc. But I do feel your frustration with the darn scale- but the scale will catch up to all your hard work -just like you said though, doesnt pay off in a weight loss competition LOL. Keep up the hard work!!!!