Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awesome Lapbook resource - The Rag Coat

I like to imagine that hundreds of people read my little blog and that every one of them finds at least one resource or idea on here that helps make there life easier or just a little less stressful...why?? Because that's my favorite part of reading lots of blogs, finding even just one thing that makes my life easier. Right now my favorite things to find are homeschooling resources, especially free lapbooks since I have a kindergartner. Lapbooks are amazing for many, many reasons, but the main one is that it gets all your information in one contained folder, AND you have pictures and colors and lots of visual interest for younger kids. Oh, and I love cutting everything out and putting it together (next year I am going to have to give that up though and let Karyl do her own cutting and gluing since she can use that as an opportunity to work on organization and to fine tune her motor skills).

So...with my love of lapbooks hanging over our heads, I give you an amazing lapbook resource I discovered the other day while looking for additional content to put in a lapbook for the book "The Rag Coat" which we are reading with our Five In A Row curriculum.

Aussie Pumpkin Patch - The Rag Coat Lapbook

The link above will take you to the actual post with this specific lapbook, but you can easily hit the "home" button at the top to go to the homepage and see what else she has to offer. I havent' done much exploring to see what else is there, but if the rest of the stuff is anything like the lapbook I found I will be visiting her again!!

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Lexi said...

Thanks for sharing! We loved reading that book!