Saturday, November 5, 2011


I did it...I finally bought a digital scale!!

I have a gift card to Target that I have been saving for something that I wanted - something that I wanted to buy, but didn't want to feel guilty about spending money on.

I have been using my sister-in-laws' scale for's a great scale, but it's a 50 mile drive to use it. Not a huge deal since we visit them a lot, but the few weekends that we weren't planning on going down there created a problem since I needed to weigh-in, so at least once I had to weigh-in earlier than I wanted.

Now, I have a scale right here in my own house.  I love this scale!! While I don't entirely understand all the bells and whistles yet (I can use them, just don't know what a lot of those numbers mean) I love the ease of use (despite some reviews from people online who said it was just impossible to use) and I love the design of it.

So, I weighed myself last night to see what I was dealing with...then I weighed myself first thing this morning and it's true - there is a difference between weighing yourself in the morning and at night, it was a 1 pound difference!! That made me feel better because it means that I haven't gone as far off course as I had thought last night. This is good - because after seeing the weight on the scale last night my poor husband got the bad end of a frustration induced rant from me about how I haven't been able to exercise and how I just don't want to be fat anymore, that I know I can lose the weight if I just find time to exercise. He then offered to clean the garage out right then and there if it calmed me down...such a sweetheart!! I eventually came down from my rant and realized that it was probably just the monthly hormones wreaking havoc on my already tightly wound emotions and insisted he didn't need to clear what is supposed to be my exercise space at 11:00pm.

I know he'll get his stuff moved and organized this week so I can have my exercise space in the garage back...and I know that I'm not going to gain 20 pounds in a week because I haven't been able to exercise as much as I would like...and I know that part of the weight gain this past week is because of that time of the month...but sometimes you just forgot to be rational when you're exhausted and your jeans are a little tight and your oldest kid keeps coming into your room every 2 minutes at 11:00 pm using every excuse in the book to NOT go to bed....yeah, I was a little high strung last night, and I kinda lost it.

On the bright side, on my way into our room before losing it I had grabbed a full-size Crunch bar from one of the Trick or Treat bags with that ever-wonderful attitude of "heck, my jeans are already tight and I'm feeling fat anyways, what's another 250 calories" - and after I had calmed down I looked at the Crunch bar and decided that really, I didn't want that - that I might have been upset, but eating that would only be temporary relief, AND it would just add to the "growing" problem.  So, I threw it on the dresser and got into bed.  So, the whole situation did help me to realize one thing - that all this healthy eating and really trying to watch what I eat has paid off because let's face it, if a chubby girl can walk away from a Crunch bar in the heat of the moment, something has clicked in her brain for the better.

Today is a new day....I'm headed to Downtown Disney with just the baby to a meet-up with 2 of my favorite YouTube families and I am excited about it.  Not just because I get to meet Our Little Planet and EZE and Coco Bean, but because I have already planned to park in the structure and walk to the meeting spot...then afterwards I plan on walking the ENTIRE length of Downtown Disney, then walking back to the park entrances before going back to the car. I should cover almost 2 miles this afternoon!!! I can't wait!!! I have to remind myself that every day is a new day, and that a few days of screwing up doesn't mess up everything else you've worked hard for. I'm going to start over today and go from there...I even think that I might try and get my new YouTube channel up and running - I'm hoping that this meetup will inspire me to start vlogging about our family more and recording more memories on film!!

Hope you all have a great Saturday - and if you're anywhere near Disneyland this morning around 11am, I'll be at the fountain in front of the entrances, right where you get off the trams (in front of the La Brea Bakery)!!


Fit Kitty said...

Fantastic! I am so impressed with you putting down the Crunch Bar! Glad you like your new scales. I recently bought digital too, a few months ago. The only thing is I end up jumping on and off a few times to make sure the number doesn't change. Have fun at Disney!

Briana said...

Yay for the new scale! Your husband's sweet. I hope you had fun at Disney.