Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Car Seat Cover

So I've decided to be a little more creative with this new baby and try making some of the things that I've seen friends have, but am just too cheap to buy....the first of these items being a baby car seat cover.  I have looked and found quite a few tutorials on how to do it, but the best one by far came from a website called  After peeking around this site I found myself so inspired to try all sorts of things I never would have with a sewing machine.

Anyways, I got the fabric last night and couldn't believe it...I didn't even get cheap clearance fabric, and I only spent $11.00 for the fabric and THAT'S a deal I can live with!!!  I told Greg that for Mother's Day I wanted $25 to spend guilt-free at JoAnn's for this car seat cover and a nursing apron, and this leaves me a whole $14 for that apron - so I'm excited about that!! 

I should note that when I told Greg that's what I wanted he rolled his eyes and told me to just go buy it...that I couldn't count that as a Mother's Day gift, but I think that since I'm planning on enjoying making it that it counts, right??

So - here's a picture of what the finished product should hopefully look like (I have different fabric obviously) and the link for the tutorial from the wonderful website!! I can't wait to post pictures of the finished product...of course, that would mean getting the carseat down and I don't know that I"m ready to admit I'm that close to delivery!!

Stay tuned!!

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Christa Jeanne said...

The gal in line in front of me at JoAnn's yesterday had one of these, and I was soooo admiring it - they're adorable and look fairly simple. In fact, it was so cute, it got me thinking how I really ought to master sewing now so I can follow suit like so many friends and MAKE stuff for the kiddos' rooms. Good luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out!