Thursday, May 5, 2011

Car Seat Cover Completed!!!

Well, I've done it...I've actually decided to do a project, started it and completed it all within a few days.  For anyone who knows me, this is a rare occurrence as I usually get sidetracked by other stuff or just tend to start things and then finish them months later because I either get frustrated or just lose the motivation.  I am by no means an experience fact, I couldn't use a sewing machines until I was married, and even then it was a learning experience (and that was only about 6 years ago!!).  So...the fact that I am making things other than square tied blankets is a type of miracle for me.  I still get frustrated with the machine because I don't always know what causes certain problems (like loose threads or things catching) but I mess around with it and can usually make it work.

Now, enough with the sad story of my sewing are the pictures of the car seat cover I made!! It actually looks AWESOME in person, but it looks different in pictures because we have one of those rare car seats that had a "twisted" handle (it was supposed to be easier to carry....) so the handle isn't straight across, it kinda zig-zags, so I had to compensate for that in the placement of the straps.  Also, our car seat is one of the smaller ones (it only goes up to 22 pounds) so the blanket is a little large, as the "pattern" I used was obviously made for one of the larger capacity seats.  All those differences aside, I think it will work perfectly, and I am really glad I did it with just 2 layers of cotton fabric and not flannel, as we are bringing Nicole home on the first official day of summer, and by the time the weather gets cold enough to warrant warmer blankets she will be over the 22 pound mark and in a convertible seat anyways.  Yep, that's right...our first 2 kids didn't last longer than 4 months in that car seat because of the weight limit, so I'm not holding out much hope that Nicole will last any longer!!  This is why, if you look closely at the pictures, that car seat that is almost 5 years old looks BRAND NEW!!! It's great, we get the feel of having a brand new car seat without the cost!!

Please enjoy the delightfully fun monkey fabric Greg helped me pick out and stare in wonder and amazement at the fact that my cover actually looks like one you'd buy from one of those uppity Orange County Baby Boutiques!!
I also finished another project yesterday that I started a few weeks back but had to put on hold because my machine just couldn't handle the sewing without a walking foot...and apparently I have a very popular machine (a Viking HuskyStar E20) finding one of those feet was next to impossible!! I got one though, and put the quilt together and just had about 12 inches of binding left to sew Wednesday morning (I've learned, hand sewing binding is the only way to hurts your fingers, but looks SOOO much better!!).  So, I told myself yesterday morning that I couldn't start the car seat cover until I finished the quilt...and I did!! So here are a few pictures of that too...again, I'm not a professional, heck - I don't know that I'd even call myself experienced - but I can sew a straight line most of the time and whatever I lack in official sewing knowledge I can usually make up for in creativity covering my mistakes!!!

I have noticed that sometimes the color of the pictures changes with what I can only assume is the inadequate lighting in our kitchen and office...
So, what do you think?? If you want to see where I got the car seat cover from, please check out the post from yesterday - it has the website as well as a link to the specific tutorial I used.

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