Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh peanut buttery goodness

Alright, even earlier than promised here are pictures of the new Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Layer Bars I made the other night...

They had a few steps, but turned out well worth it in the end!! These are super yummy...but lesson learned, I am making them in the 9x13 that the recipe called for next time. I didn't think there would be enough to cover the 9x13 so I changed to the 8x8...and while they are still just as good, they would have totally worked in the 9x13, AND they would have been thinner which would have been yummy.

Basically these are a peanut butter cookie base with chocolate spread and hardened, then a layer of the following:
Cream cheese
Powdered sugar
Whipping cream
Peanut butter

I know, sounds tasty, doesn't it??

Then the top is simply a few cookies I baked on their own and crumbled up.

I think I might even go and have a piece right now....at 8:30 am.....Mmmmm.....

I am going to finish some Oreo Truffle I started on Saturday this afternoon and I will post pictures of those when they're done. Hint-when a recipe calls for dipping something in chocolate, DON'T think you can get away with using the chocolate chips....you'll just end up wasting a perfectly good bag of them. Spring for the baking/melting chocolate =)

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