Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few books I've enjoyed...

I know it's been a while, but this past Friday I had surgery and the few days before that were spent getting everything ready and cleaning up so things wouldn't be a complete mess afterwards when I was recovering.

I have read 3 great books by Debbie Macomber in the past little while and here is what I thought....

The first was Moon Over Water. It is about a woman who was raised to believe that her father had died when she was younger and had just always lived her life "knowing" that. Well, when her mother dies she discovers some old letters of hers that lead her to discover that her father is not only still alive, but that he has been in contact with her mother up until a few years ago.

Armed with this new information she can't think of anything else but finding this father and uncovering why her mother would have lied to her over all those years. She makes a trip to Mexico (against her fiance's wishes) to find him only to be caught up in more trouble than she has ever seen. Between being framed for stealing a priceless artifact from an architectural dig, being chased by a feared drug-lord, and being forced to escape on a boat with a trusted friend of her fathers she ends up finding love (apparently some time out at sea with even the most unappealing options can soften hearts) and discovers what she really wants in life. This is a good read, with some good suspense, at least more so than most of her books.

Next was Back on Blossom Street. This book is about a woman who owns a yarn store and about all her "neighbors" on Blossom Street. The story involves romance and lots of other twists and turns, all revolving around the students that are in the leads knitting classes. There are surprise pregnancies, marriages almost lost and many friendships strengthened. This book remind me a lot of a book I read a while back called "The Friday Night Knitting Club." I had to wonder if one of these authors read the other one's book before writing their own because they both have very similar scenes with cancer and pregnancies and romance. It's an easy read though and it goes easy on the detailed romance scenes, this is a good read for you if you want to smile and be reminded that good things do happen in this world.

Ah, then Buffalo Valley...this one was a cute romance about a man who is going to begin working for his girlfriend after the Christmas Season. He has just been discharged from the Military and has decided to head home to North Dakota to visit his parents and the woman whose son he was named after. He is also headed there because his girlfriend has asked him to check out a nearby town called Buffalo Valley as the company she works for is trying to buy land there to build a mega-store (I picture a Wal-Mart type situation). Anyways, as he spends time there he starts to feel for this little town and for their fight against this mega chain that wants to come in and destroy all their little businesses and hard work. He ends up of course falling for a girl there and after much searchign discovers what he really wants and where his loyalties should lie.

This book is super cute and is an easy read.

OK, I think that is all of them...I am going to start a few more while I am off work and recovering and I will get back to you when I have another one. I am also going to try a few sewing projects while I'm off and we'll see what happens with that!!

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