Thursday, March 1, 2012

A great Dr. Suess FREE printable workbook!!

I know, I haven't been posting on here in a while but the winter season hit us hard with colds and car troubles and just about everything you could imagine. We are all finally healthy, two of our three cars are running again, and I am once again scrounging around the Internet for great and amazing FREE things to print out and/or save for homeschooling!

Recently the world celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday, so there has been lots and lots of Seuss buzz around the homeschooling crowd and today I found an AWESOME free printable Dr. Seuss workbook that is geared towards Kindergarten and First Graders (and it is true to its grade recommendation - I looked it over and Karyl could do the whole thing on her own!).

A huge thanks to for all their amazing and FREE worksheets and fun books! I am constantly using things from their website for Karyl and if you haven't checked them out before go take a look!!

Here is your link for the Seuss Magic - My Very Own Dr. Seuss Activity Book

That link will take you directly to the PDF file for the 20-page activity book. You can print it from there or save it to your computer for later. A tip - We got a huge external hard drive years ago before we had a mortgage, 3 kids and a minivan and I love that every time I find something amazing like this in a PDF file I can save it and just transfer it to the external drive to use later. I am all for all the free curriculum I can find!!

Hope you enjoy the Dr. Seuss workbook and please come back - hopefully I will be back to sharing things more regularly on here now that things have calmed down!!

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