Thursday, September 29, 2011

Win, Lose or Blog

Well, it's bio is on the WLB contestant page and I have my very own page off their blog that I can start bombarding with my wacky-ness starting on Monday!! I weighed myself this week and sent them my official starting weight. Amazingly I had already lost a pounds since I weighed myself last that's a good start, right??

Sadly though, I had great plans to jump right in and spend lots of time walking and using our elliptical...but this week has just been against me exercising at all!! Luckily, I'm been REALLY careful with what I eat and I hope that will help since I can't get out and exercise right now. Tuesday night we went to an Angel's Game and I was so proud of myself....I only had a few bites of our daughter's ice cream that she couldn't finish, and I mostly ate peanuts...and most of the peanuts I cracked went right into our 2-year-old's sneaky little hands!! Having kids is like built in portion control since they are always wanting to eat whatever I am eating!! I was so proud that I didn't get my own ice cream or any other junk food!!

My little blue-eyed babe and I watching the game...he LOVES going to baseball games and cheering and screaming with the crowd.  Oh, and he LOVES the peanuts!! In the background you can even get a glimpse of Nicole's team spirit with her pink Angel's onesie!!
During the day is hard just so happens that this week was my first week back at work from maternity leave (thank you California!!) and working from home makes watching what you eat a LOT harder since all the goodies you keep hidden are at your disposal. I've been really careful about when I snack, and when I think I'm hungry I've decided to employ my version of an old trick....If I think I'm hungry between meals I will stop for 5 minutes and do part of a craft, or color with the kids - do something fun - and then see if the craving is still there.  Usually it's gone and I can continue working or doing whatever else I need to do. If at that point I still feel the desire I will let myself have a little something. It's worked pretty well in the past, and just being aware of what you're eating really helps!

So, I am trying my best and hoping to get out tonight to go walk at Dos Lagos with all the other 100 Mile Club members...the kids love seeing all the other kids and I get a nice walk around the lake for as long as the kids can go. Last time we went 1.5 miles before the kids called it quits, but maybe this time we can make it to 2 miles.  I would love to go 3 miles, but while I can handle it, the kids will have to work up to it. And since I can't go without them, I have to be patient and try to get them up to that point. Once Nicole gets a little bigger it will be nice to take the double jogger, then any tired kids can take a break!!

Well, that's about it for now...Happy Thursday to everyone!!

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