Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Unit Study Download!!

It's amazing how many resources there are for homeschoolers out there....and the more you look around and make friends (even if they are just e-friends), the more stuff you will find!!! Today, shared this link with us for a free eBook unit study!! The deal comes from a great website called Homeschooling with Heart and I can't wait to check out these books!! the link below and check out this awesome deal and the other wonderful things on their website!!

Homeschooling with Heart - Free Old Schoolhouse Download

I already redeemed my gift set and can't wait to go through and see what wonderful lessons are inside!!! With all these free eBook deals I have been finding I am glad we have an external hard drive to hold it all!!!


Katie said...

This one worked! ;) Thank you!

Greg and Diana said...

YAY!!! Katie, I am so glad it worked and I hope you enjoy the set of eBooks....I think they look really exciting!! Happy Homeschooling!!