Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Reviews

So, in all fairness this blog was started with the intent of proving there is in fact "Life After Diapers." 

As such, I figure that should include more than recipes.

I have a secret addiction to old's all my sister-in-laws' faults...TCM is one of my favorite channels.  I have seen some great movies on there, and I figured it would be great to share the really good ones with you so if you have TCM or NetFlix you will know which movies are worth watching!!

This one was really was about a rich heiress whose best friend and her new husband are staying at her mansion for their honeymoon and the best friend has been posing as the heiress for appearances and the like - and since they don't allow anyone to take pictures, no one knows it's not really her.

Well, the heiress ends up being dumped by her fiance (and yes, he knows who she is) and to help her along her way her friend and her "caretaker" (an older gentleman) decide to invite all the Army Pilots who are staying at the hotel close by for tea.  Well, she convinces her friend to pose as her, and she pretends to be her own secretary when she ends up liking one of the pilots. 

The rest of the movie is basically the two women trying to keep their secret because they want to know if he's really in love with the heiress, or her title.  And the poor best friend's new husband spends the whole movie rolling his eyes and dying to have some alone time with his new wife.

In the end, things work out and the poor Army Pilot doesn't even know who she is until it's "too late" and the very end is a cute wrap up.

Cross Country Romance

I don't have a DVD cover for this one, but this was a cute movie too.  It stars Gene Raymond and Wendy Barrie.  In short, it's a movie about a rich girl (Wendy Barrie) who, to sneak out of her own wedding, end up hiding in a doctor's trailer outside the building who has come to reluctantly deliver something to her mother because she was a high donor to some hospital he was affiliated with.

The doctor (Gene Raymond) doesn't discover the girl is in there until his next stop and she tries to tell him who she is but he doesn't believe her, so she makes up a name and tries to convince him to let her tag along for the ride to the West Coast.  At every stop he tries to get rid of her, but she somehow manages to talk herself back in.

There are lots of little bumps along the way, like that her mother reported her missing and she has been reported as kidnapped - so they run into some trouble when people recognize her at a diner.  She gets a hold of her mother and things are straightened out...but when this doctor eventually finds out who she is all he can do is try to run away...but she finds him and even when he gets on his ship to China he isn't safe.

It has a happy ending and some short laughs all the way through.

So, enjoy!! I will try to post reviews on as many old movies as I can.  I try to watch them when I exercise in the garage, and during the day when I'm doing domestic duties, like folding laundry, since they are appropriate for children to watch and the kids can watch them too!!


Jimbo said...

Great choices. I haven't seen Bride by Mistake yet, but it looks like a winner. Have you seen the comedy - My Man Godfrey, from 1936 - One of William Powell's best:

It shows Depression Era contrasts between the wealthy and the 'forgotten', in a 'Frank Capra' style.

Greg and Diana said...

Jimbo - Thanks for stopping by and for your suggestion. I will definitely keep an eye out for that movie on TCM or anywhere else I come across old movies!! If you get a chance to see Bride by Mistake, I hope you enjoy it!