Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lemony Blueberry Goodness....with sugar on top....

I thought I had pictures, but I guess I was wrong!!

You can look at the pictures on the Get Off Your Butt and Bake Website....mine ended up looking exactly the same, maybe with a little thicker coating of icing!!

These were super easy and were moist and yummy!!!

Enjoy and feel free to post a comment if you make them and end up loving them too!!


A general winner all around...I think I am going to try them with chocolate chips next!!


Mike and Shelby said...

Forgive me for not being a dedicated follower lately...I am trying to lose the baby weight (weight from the 6 year old baby too) and your blog makes me salivate. :)

Greg and Diana said...

No problem Shelby...I'm in the same boat...all of the stuff I bake on here is done with the knowledge that someone else will be enjoying it. I love baking, but eating all those goodies won't help me keep up my weight loss =) I just love baking the stuff and it doesn't bother me that someone else gets to enjoy it!