Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homemade Pizza and Peanut Butter Cookies


I want to start this post with something new I tried the other night....Homemade pizza.
Why did I try homemade pizza?? Because I wanted to break out this baby and try it for the first time...

For those of you not familiar with kitchen wizardry, that is a breadmaker.  We got it for our wedding, but we never had enough room to store it remotely near a kitchen, let alone use it, before we bought this house.  So, I finally decided to break it out and try making pizza crust dough - and it worked beautifully!!

It looked great - the taste wasn't quite as impressive though, but I figure at least the machine works, and now I can start looking for a good pizza crust recipe!! 

So....if you have a wonderful pizza crust recipe, please share!!! We love pizza here and I am on the hunt for a good one!!


I decided to make some cookies this afternoon, and of all the recipes I have waiting to be tried, this seemed like an easy one for a Wednesday afternoon.

Just like the Brown Sugar Crumble Banana Muffins, I owe a huge thanks to "Get Off Your Butt and BAKE" for posting this delicious recipe.  The link is below...

I made the dough and rolled it into balls....then rolled those balls in sugar...

Then I flattened them with a fork (not quite as thin as the original recipe, it was hard with all the chocolate chips in time, I will use less chocolate chips) - and then they were sent to the pathetic appliance in my kitchen they called an oven when we bought the place (long story - let's just say that I learned not all ovens are a standard size...and didn't realize it until we had moved in and I tried to bake a sheet cake...)

And this is the yumminess that came out!!! 

My daughter keeps asking me every 10 minutes or so if she can have another one - I'd say they were a hit around here!!!

So we now have a cooling rack full of yummy cookies and I need to go figure out what's for dinner....Mac and Cheese anyone???

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Kelly said...

I love pizza and that kind of cookies!!
This blog is great!
I'm planning to move to short term apartments (I'll be in many cities I'd like to get to know) and I think this info will be very usefull
Because, I love this food, but I've never cooked... I'm always the one who eats what other cooks
Well.... now things are going to change!
Thanks again, wish me good luck :)