Friday, February 12, 2010

Red Velvet Cupcakes

So I've been wanting to try and tackle Red Velvet the past few months, and I tried a recipe from the ever-wonderful Pioneer Woman, but for whatever reason the cupcakes wouldn't cook all the way (I think it was my attempt at substituting for cake flour [which I now have a stock of in the kitchen]). Anyways, I found another recipe yesterday and I will post the link to it on here. They were good and they look pretty - but they could have been better. A friend of mine says she has a great recipe, so I'm going to try hers when she sends it!!
I also made Cream Cheese Frosting to top these and I even used the decorating kit for cupcakes that I got for Christmas. It made things SOOOO much easier than trying to spread on the frosting!!
Aren't these cute??
Karyl loved it...can you see the frosting on her nose?? She went right for the frosting first!!
These were super light and fluffy, and the red color was gorgeous!!!

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